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“The reason the number of patients with gestational diabetes is going up, is because one, as everyone knows, we have a tremendous obesity problem in the United States,” says Allegheny General Hospital obstetrician Dr. Paul Weinbaum. “That a main and major risk factor.”Also, because this condition is more common in African Americans and Hispanics, as the population composition changes, the numbers change.Every pregnant woman is screened for this, and if it turns out she has the condition, lifestyle changes, monitoring blood sugars and medication can help.The exact cause of gestational diabetes isn known, but the thought is that hormones from the placenta make it harder for insulin to process sugar in the mother body.”It turns out that about half of the patients who have gestational diabetes will in fact develop diabetes later in their life,” said Dr.

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Breast Feeding: Still Controversial7

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0 scoreless innings to earn the victory

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Put his hands in his jacket and refused the commands of the officers, Banks said. Began to run toward officer Cadroy with the hammer raised above his head. Cadroy immediately began to back up, and shot several more beanbag rounds as Snider sprinted toward him.

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